Major's welcome

As many individuals as ways of seeing

Sight can appear as an unshakeable mechanic, a universal language. In fact, it is unique to everyone. Yet, the eye, the core of our lives based on sensory empiricism, has seen its image changing. Like the other senses, it is no longer perceived as an action but has become a habit, an automatism. Albert Camus wrote, "None of us knows the color of the iris of virtually any of our friends. The eye is perspective: it is an eye only for the painter and the oculist ".

As ophthalmologists and scientists who you are, you know what humans owe to their eyesight. And, anxious to better preserve, correct and heal, you never stop to explore the eye and vision. As the physician I was, and Rémois that I am, I am honored and proud, to welcome you from June 18th to 23rd to the 56th International Congress of the ISCEV in our city.
Bringing together a large panel of specialists from throughout the world, and in particular from North America, this event is primarily focused on research and science. It will also be an opportunity for participants to appreciate the amenities our city has to offer.

Mens sana in corpore sano

The Congress Center is convenient for a symposium and is designed to allow you, the delegates, to be within walking distance of the train station, restaurants, cafes and major hotels in the city center. This agora in the heart of Reims also sits within the green lung of our city. Even a brief walk in the nearby park of the Patte d'Oie and along the canal will afford you a breath of fresh air between intellectual debates.
Nevertheless, and I can only congratulate you on this, this Congress will also be an opportunity for you to enjoy the many charms of our territory. Discovery of the city and the Montagne de Reims, visit of the Cathedral and the Boulingrin Market, wine reception at the Town Hall, gala dinner and a contest known as “Olympics” at the Patte d'Oie, and so on ... The natural heritage , architectural and cultural Reims basin will dazzle and delight all tastes.

Our region has hosted debates on bioethical laws, boasts the largest polyclinic in France, many spaces dedicated to start-ups and conferences, and as a growing hub of research and innovation offers an idyllic setting between town and country to receive events such as this meeting of international experts.

I would like to thank ISCEV, the FOVEA association, and especially its president, Professor Carl ARNDT, for choosing our city and region to host your Symposium.
I wish you a rich and informative debate, but also a good discovery - or rediscovery - of our sparkling region.

Mayor of Reims